Kira One Transmitter and Receiver Pair Infrared to IP Bridge Ethernet and wifi

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This is a kit of two Kira One modules allowing you to set one as a transmitter and one as a receiver. Aim your remote at the receiver and the IR signal will blast out from the transmitter anywhere in the world.

The KiraOne is our most advanced and capable IR over IP module. Everything can be configured easily directly using the web pages, no app or hub required. Control equipment inside an AV cabinet, in a room next door or in a room 12,430 miles away! Ultra fast fast set-up, learn, store and blast an IR code within 20 seconds!

  • Money saving twin pack

  • Control your equipment from other rooms in the house

  • USB powered

  • Ultra fast setup procedure

  • Built-in high output IR Blaster

  • Built-in dedicated high accuracy IR receiver

  • Optionally use remote mounted plug in IR receiver or transmitter

  • Connect to ethernet or wireless network

  • Optionally add extra modules as remote targets or receivers.

The Kira One module can be used in several ways;

  • Stand alone. Use a single module, store some IR codes and blast them out by using a phone / tablet or PC or by a command from another controller
  • Transmitter and Receiver. Use two modules over a network, one to receive the signal from your remote and the other as a transmitter to blast the IR signal out again at the other end. Use them across your local network or across the world
  • Additional Transmitters or Receivers. Add more modules to send a signal from one to many or from many to one
  • Integration with other Controllers. Use as a networked IR emitter for Control4, Home Assistant, Fibaro and many more with support for http GET commands.

This is the complete kit with 1 x transmitter and 1 x receiver module ready to use.

Have a look at the instructions:

 (note - will open in a new window)

Optional accessories

KIRAONE - Additional KIRAONE module

IRFMRW - Fascia Mount IR Receiver for use with KIRA Wireless Modules

IRBW1 - IR Single Output Standard Emitter Wand

IRBW2 - IR Dual Output Standard Emitter Wand

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