IR Dual Output Emitter Wands For Close Range Use with Visible Blinking Function IRBW2

  • £8.99

The single jack plug drives two IR emitter wands. The emitters are extremely tiny and are supplied with double sided adhesive pads to affix directly to the equipment fascia. The emitters actually flash red as the IR signal is emitted giving visual confirmation that the IR signal was received and transmitted correctly.

Dimensions of emitter: W x 8mm x L 15mm x D 6mm

Fitted with a 2 metre cable. The emitter ends may be separated to the required distance by gently pulling the cable apart.

Consider using an IR Emitter Shield for reliable operation

Designed to be used only with Keene IR extenders.

You can also view the IR Receiver and emitter connection diagrams here (Acrobat pdf file)

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