IRFMR Fascia Mount IR Receiver for use with KIRAONEQ and KIRAONE wireless Modules only

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Fascia mount Infrared receiver.

This model is for use with the KIRAONE and KIRAONEQ Wireless modules ONLY for other models please see code IRFMR.

This is ideal if you have a black fascia screen and would like a discreet solution to attach to the front (it only measures 34mm long x 16mm wide x 9mm deep). The Fascia mount IR receiver attaches by small sticky pads and has a small confirmation LED which flashes to provides visual confirmation that the signal has been received. A handy cable clip is also supplied to hold the receiver's cable out of the way behind the screen.

Super fast electronics and a semi-wideband capability make it really effective to use whilst it's compact size makes it very unobtrusive.Typical IR receivers require a minimum of 10 cycles before they can lock onto the signal. This receiver will work with just 3 or 4 cycles. This fast circuitry enables it to work with set top boxes that use very short bursts of IR code (known as RCMM code), as used for example by some BT Vision set top boxes.

Operating distance: up to 20m*
IR Bandwidth: 30-60KHz
Dimensions: 34 x 16 x 9mm
Cable length: 2.5 metre

The IR receiver cable is 2.5 metres long and so fine for most local installations. This cable can be easily extended over Cat5e/6 using our KA175 line adaptors.

This IR Receiver is designed to work with K2Audio Wireless Modules only, codes KIRAONEQ and KIRAONE. When plugged into the module the on-board IR receiver will be automatically disabled.

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