Keene IR Distribution Amp Kit (including white panel mount IR receiver) IRBKITPW

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The classic in-cabinet solution that puts your remote back in control and routes IR commands to wherever they are needed. The IRBKIT system makes it easy to control all your AV gear when its hidden away inside a cabinet or even in another room.

How does it work?
The IRBKIT black body is the part that does all the work. Into you this you plug an IR Receiver (something to aim your remote at) and an IR Emitter (something that will control your equipment. Place the IR Receiver wherever you find convenient and then hide the rest away inside your cabinet. 

The IRBKIT is the central building block and it can be added to by connecting different types of receivers and extra emitters as required. It is available in a number of configurations: This model is the:

IRBKIT With White Panel Mount IR Receiver

This is ideal if you want to mount the IR receiver flush in the front panel of a cabinet (or any flat surface provided you can drill a 16mm diameter hole in it!) and have only the front 30mm diameter disc of the receiver showing. The receiver is secured in place with a nut on the rear of the unit and makes for a very neat and tidy mounting solution.

The IR receiver cable is 1.5 metres long and so fine for most local installations. This cable can be easily extended over Cat5e/6 using our KA175 line adaptors.

* Please note that if you require more than one IR receiver input then we recommend the IRPKIT4 or the IR Commander Matrix.

Kit Contents
1 x IRBKIT IR distribution amplifier
1 x PSU with 3 pin UK plug
1 x IRPMRW white panel mount IR receiver
2 x IRBW1 Close range IR emitter wands
1 x Instruction sheet

Technical Specifications
IR inputs: 1
IR outputs: 5 (4 x standard power, 1 x high power)
Power requirement: 12v 500mAh
Weight: 70g
Dimensions of IRBKIT: L 104mm x W 72mm x D 32mm
Dimensions of IR receiver: L 80mm x W 30mm x D 30mm
Dimensions of emitter: L x 15mm x W 8mm x D 6mm.

Optional accessories

IRBW1 - IR Single Output Standard Emitter Wand

IRBW2 - IR Dual Output Standard Emitter Wand

IRHPW - IR High Power Wand

KA175 - 3.5mm Stereo Jack Plug / Socket To CAT5 Adaptors

 Have a look at the instruction sheet:

Helpful installation info
IR receivers and Emitter connection diagrams (Acrobat pdf file)