Keene IR Signal Combiner Four IR Input to One IR Output IRCOM4

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The Keene IRCOM4 is an Infra Red Signal Combiner. It allows you to combine the IR Emitter (Blaster) output from up to four devices into one single output. This is particularly useful for video distribution systems / matrix switchers that often have an individual IR output for each remote connection. It can also be used to combine the outputs from different manufacturers and provide a strong unified IR signal for reliable control.

Key Features:

Four Optically Isolated IR Emitter Inputs
One Combined IR output
Universal connection
No external power required

Optically Isolated Inputs
The inputs are designed to be connected directly to the IR blaster output of another device. It contains some cunning circuitry such that whatever the connections are on the other device, as long as they are supposed to drive an IR blaster then connecting them to these inputs will work! They are optically isolated and fully ESD protected. Optical isolation means that the signal is connected via light and there is no electrical connection between the input and the output. The inputs are also isolated from each other.

The input and output connections are 3.5mm 3 pole jack sockets. The optical coupling ensures that the input signal polarity does not matter and it will work with any connection whether positive or negative and two or three pole. It is compatible with IR frequencies between 10Khz - 200KHz. The IR output is wired to Keene standards.

Typical Usage
For complex installations using HDMI over distance and/or matrix switching, each local IR output can usually only control one piece of equipment. When the remote viewer switches to another source the IR control can be compromised. Up until now the solution is usually to tape the IR emitter wands directly in place over the IR receiver for another IR distribution system This is both unsightly and not always reliable. The IRCOM4 provides a tidy and reliable solution whilst equalising any differences in IR strength that can arise from using a mix a source equipment.

Box Contents
1 x IRCOM4
5 x 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack for input and output cables (1.2m)

Have a look at the instructon manual

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