KA210 CAT5 CAT6 Passive POE Adaptor Kit

KA210 CAT5 CAT6 Passive POE Adaptor Kit

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CAT5 Passive POE Adaptor Kit
A pair of POE adaptors (injector and splitter) for remote powering devices via the network cable. Very useful for installations where there are no readily available power outlets at the device end. Ideal for use with the Keene IR Anywhere range.
To use simply connect the appropriate power supply to the DC line socket and RJ45 to router or switch at the injector end. At the splitter end connect the RJ45 and DC power plug to the device. Max CAT5 cable length in-between typically up to 40m.
Please note, the passive adapters can be used only in 10/100 Mbps networks - they will not work in 1 Gbps networks.
The devices must be used as a pair,it is not possible to use the splitter end only with a POE switch.
1 x POE Injector (RJ45 Male + DC line socket to RJ45 Female) 12cm
1 x POE Splitter (RJ45 Male + DC out to RJ45 Female) 12cm


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