Stereo Audio Over CAT5 CAT6 Cable Extender 100m 3.5mm socket No Power Required Black (per Pair) C5AUDIOS

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CAT5 audio extenders 3.5mm stereo socket

Send line level audio up to 100m using inexpensive CAT5 cable. We have tested these using the headphone jack from a phone and also using the line output from a CD player as a source. We blind tested between using a 100m CAT5 cable with these adaptors and using a 1m interconnect and we could not hear any difference. Using a signal generator there is approximately a 4db roll off at around 19Khz. In short, they are cheap but they work extremely well!

We sell these in pairs, just add your CAT5 cable and you are ready to go.

Note they are intended for point to point use with a single CAT5 cable ONLY. They are not able to be connected to a LAN or any type of network adaptor/splitter/hub/switcher.

For reference, the pins used on the CAT5 socket for the C5AUDIO adapters are as follows:

3.5mm SOCKET

TIP is wired to pin 8

RING is wired to pins 5 & 6

GROUND is wired to pin 7

Colour: Black

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