KLABXBG2F Gen2 Bluetooth with front line input In Wall Amplifier kit Inc PSU and a FREE pair of Loudspeakers

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KLABXB Gen2 Bluetooth Express Digital In-wall Stereo Amplifier

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This is a limited time money saving deal combining the KLABXB Gen2 Bluetooth In-wall Amplifier with front line input and power supply with a free pair of 5" 60W Moisture resistant Loudspeakers!
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The KLABXBG2 is a compact powerful wall mount amplifier fits into a standard UK two gang pattress.

It is available in 3 versions:
KLABXBG2 - Bluetooth only (including free speakers)
KLABXBG2F - Bluetooth plus front line / aux input (This model with free speakers)
KLABXBG2J - Bluetooth plus rear line / aux input (including free speakers)

It is designed for easy fuss-free operation with no switches or remote controls required. To use it simply connect via Bluetooth and control the volume with your bluetooth device. When you disconnect or stop streaming the amplifier automatically reverts to a very low power standby mode. Whenever you connect again it instantly wakes up to deliver clear powerful audio.

This amplifier features K2Audio-simple-audio-setup or KSAS for short. This allows custom elements such as Bluetooth ID, Gain and EQ to be modified without the need for a programming cable. 

Key Features:

Easily connect up to four speakers with two speaker connections per channel, 4 or 8ohm

Mono mode for single speaker installs

Up to 22W RMS per channel

Fully Automatic fit and forget design

Ultra low current draw in standby

A2DP Codecs: APTX, APTX-HD, APT-X Low Latency, SBC and AAC.

Detachable speaker connectors for easy install.

Split-layer PCB design for excellent Bluetooth range

Web page config can be disabled at time of install to prevent unauthorised alterations

Touch front panel to mute, touch again to resume. Optionally disable touch mute by web page config.

Voltage pin mute for integration with Alarm and PA systems. Can be set to mute if pin goes high (3~12v) or mute if pin goes low. Config by web page.

Flush mount or surface mount (25mm depth, or 35mm for dry-lining)

Have a look at the instructions

Whats in the box?
KLABXBG2F Amplifier
A pair of 5" moisture resistant loudpseakers
KLABPSU Power supply
Fixing screws
Instruction sheet

Loudspeaker details:

* 2-way speakers
* Impedance 4 Ohms
*Frequency (Hz) 80-18000
* Power max: 80W 
* Power RMS: 35W
* 5cm (2") tweeter with mylar cone
* IP35 rated
* Plastic enclosure
* Spade terminal connections (6mm)
* Woofer with polypropylene cone
* Built-in crossover
* Includes fixing kit
* Gasket included
* Diameter 148mm
* Cut-out Dimensions (mm) 114 x 114
* Mounting Depth (mm) 65
* Dimensions (mm) 147 x 147 x 7

Bluetooth Audio Modes: A2DP Codecs: SBC, MPEG1,2 audio / mpeg2,4 AAC /ATRAC /APTX
Power output (15v 45W supply): 22W RMS per channel into 4ohms
Power output (12v 45W supply): 18W RMS per channel into 4ohms
Power output (18v 54W supply): 25W RMS per channel into 4ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 0.15% (4ohm load, 1KHz, 8W power)
Bandwidth: 20Hz to 22KHz Passive limitation built in
Power Supply: 12V to 18V (absolute max 18V DC) minimum current 3.0A. Connection via a 2.1mm DC connector centre positive, auto mute on under voltage.
Fuse: self resetting 3A built in to clear remove power for at least 20 seconds, clear fault and reconnect
Amplifier topology: full bridge mode all speaker connections are live ( no common ground connection)
Recommended min speaker impedance:4 ohms per channel
Absolute minimum speaker impedance: 3 ohms per channel
SNR: 98dB
Voltage gain: 33dB
Input required to produce full output: approx 775mV
Standby current: 20mA (0.3W at 15v supply)
Loudpeaker wire size: solid min 0.14mm2 max 2.5mm2, stranded min 0.14mm2 max 1.5mm2

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