Keene HD Component 1:5 AV Distribution Amplifier Clearance Price KPDA

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The KPDA is a high quality audio/video distribution amplifier, allowing one video and audio source to simultaneously supply up to five other devices. It uses very high quality high bandwidth ICs to ensure that each output is indiscernible from the input, making it ideally suited to driving multiple displays or making multiple copies from one source. There are two audio channels and four video channels, making it suitable for use with component video, RGsB video, RGBs video or 4 x composite video plus audio. Any of the video channels can also be used for digital audio if desired.

Supports all HDVT formats up to 1080p

Can be used for component or RGsB plus digital audio

Technical Specification

Power requirements: by external supply to DC input socket, (2.1mm centre positive) 12-18v DC @ 300mA or greater.

Video: 5 buffered video outputs

- Bandwidth 70MHz

- Level - Composite / Luminance 1v pp, Chrominance 0.3v peak to peak.

- Distortion components < -50db up to 10Mhz

- Open circuit voltage gain is X2 (unity gain when correctly terminated)

- Back terminated series 75R outputs for reflection free performance

- DC coupled on all outputs

- Slew rate up to 500v/uS

Audio: 5 buffered audio outputs

- Distortion <0.1%

- Bandwidth 20Hz 30KHz

- Output impedance, <1K ohms each output

- Input impedance >10K ohms

- Unity gain

Dimensions: 220mm x 104mm x 43mm

Have a look at the instructions:

Weight: 780g (exc supply)