Keene AC Powerswitch Relay Or Trigger Control for Iot Arduino Raspberry Pi CNC ESP32 KPS1

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The Keene Powerswitch is a high quality mains power connector block designed for easy switching of AC power up to 10A*. The output can be switched on or off by contact closure or a low voltage trigger. Both the Live and Neutral lines are switched by a real air gap mechanical relay with multiple contacts for reliable operation.

It can easily be integrated into almost any control or automation system, switched by Keene KiraCC, Global Cache, Crestron, Home Assistant, DemoPad Centro and many other controllers. All that is required is a simple low voltage relay or trigger output to interface to.

It is also ideal for use with Internet of Things projects based on Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi and Omega Onion etc as you can control it directly via GPIO. You can also choose between two trigger methods, either use a low voltage signal (3~14v) or a straightforward open or closed switch type contact to control the AC power.

One common application is to make use of the voltage trigger via a USB outlet. Buy the optional KLD151 USB to jack cable (or make your own) and use the Powerswitch to switch on or off any device you like when USB power is present. For example have a printer or lamp come on only when your PC is active.

You can of course buy cheaper relay boards with exposed contacts and uncertain ratings but the Keene KPS1 is safe, fully assembled and ready to use.

Key features:

2 pin contact closure trigger for control by low voltage relays or external switch. Ground referenced 6V sense voltage.

3.5mm jack socket for continuous voltage trigger (isolated) 4V ~ 14V DC with automatic polarity and pin selection.

Both Live and Neutral are switched.

World Wide operation 90v - 250V AC 50 or 60 Hz.

Efficient switch mode isolated internal 6V power supply.

Built in replaceable 20mm fuse.

Built in 250V AC varistors for mains spike suppression.

Insulated plastic brick design with 3 pin IEC input and output for easy installation

Have a look at the instructions:

Whats in the box?
1 x KPS1 Powerswitch
1 x IEC female to UK 3 pin plug mains input cable
1 x IEC male to UK socket cable
1 x Instruction sheet

Case dimensions: 121 x 66 x 40mm

HS Code: 8536.50.80

Download the CE Certfificate:

Download the ROHS Certfificate:

*Note on maximum current:
Some devices have a very high instantaneous current draw when first powered up, this is usually referred to as the Inrush Current or Surge. Such devices usually contain large transformers, electric motors or banks of capacitors (for example power amplifiers or uninterruptible power supplies). This high current can cause the normal circuit protection fuse to fail even though the normal operating current is well within specification. If you have a requirement to switch such a load we are able to manufacture the KPS1 with circuitry that allows for inrush current protection. These models will still switch a 10A maximum load although the continuous power rating is reduced to 4A.

Please contact if you require a model with inrush protection circuitry.

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