Keene Networked IR and RS232 Control for Sky HD and Sky Q Systems KIRAQ

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The KIRAQ is part of the Keene IR Anywhere range, and is designed specifically to provide an integrated control solution for SkyHD, Sky-Q and Sky-Q mini systems. It allows Sky receivers to be controlled directly via the network and eliminates the need to attach IR emitters to the fascia. The commands are sent to each receivers IP address to ensure that only the desired receiver will respond. This makes it particularly useful for larger installations with multiple receivers where IR bleed can often cause issues.

* IR Remote Mode - aim your remote at the KIRAQ and control the box wherever it is hidden on the network
* IR Direct Mode - connect the blaster output from your switchbox/matrix directly to the KIRAQ instead of sticking a bud on the Sky receiver
* RS232 mode - use serial command for integration with many other control systems.
* Control4 drivers included, others to follow
* Demopad compatible, quick start files included

There are two main modes of operation:

Infra Red
In this mode all received IR commands are converted to IP and sent to the designated IP address of the system to be controlled. The Infra red can be from a remote control aimed directly at a receiver connected to the module or as a cabled input from the output of another system such as an extender or matrix switcher. As there is no common standard for IR emitters a direct cabled connection will need to be routed via a IR Translator to ensure that the KIRAQ receives the IR information correctly.

In this mode RS232 commands are converted to IP and sent to the designated IP address of the system to be controlled.

To directly connect the IR Blaster output from other equipment the signal must be routed via an IR Translator to ensure the KIRAQ receives the signal in the correct format.

Have a look at the connection diagram here (Acrobat pdf file)

You can download the short form instruction manual

You can access the full instruction manual as a web page

(note - will open in a new window)

Have a look at the Demopad Tutorial here (Acrobat pdf file)

Whats in the box?
1 x KIRAQ Module
1 x KT9USB power cable
1 x IRSR Infra Red Receiver
1 x RS232 9 pin serial cable

**Update Dec 17**
Sky have begun to roll out a firmware update version Q060.000.28.00L that changes the port used for IP control. We have released a firmware upgrade to address the issue. Please do not upgrade your KIRA firmware if your SkyQ system is using an earlier firmware.

The following zip file contains the KIRA Utility program and latest firmware.

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