KiraQ Generation 2 Networked IR and RS232 Control for up to 10 Sky HD and Sky Q Systems

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This model has now been discontinued and has been replaced with the KIRAONEQ.

The KiraQ Gen2 provides an easy way to independantly control up to 10 Sky boxes and eliminates the need to attach IR emitters to the fascia. It also ensures that only the desired receiver will receive the control signal, ideal for larger installations with multiple receivers where IR bleed can often cause issues. Simply aim your remote at the KIRAQ and have direct independent control for up to 10 boxes wherever they are located on the network.

The OLED display guides you through setup and provides clear feedback during operation.

Wireless network connection or wired ethernet (with optional expansion module).

There are three modes of operation:
  • Infrared
    In this mode all received IR commands are converted to IP and sent to the designated IP address of the system to be controlled. The Infra red can be from a remote control aimed directly at a receiver connected to the module or as a cabled input from the output of another system such as an extender or matrix switcher. 

  • RS232
    In this mode RS232 commands are converted to IP and sent to the designated IP address of the system to be controlled. The optional expansion module is required for this mode, code KG2EM.

  • Browser/Tablet/Smart phone
    Commands can be issued simply by accessing the built in web pages via any device with a browser, and the open API structure means it can integrate seamlessly with a number of other IP control systems and apps for tables and smart phones.

Have a look at the quick start instructions

Have a look at the detailed instructions:

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Optional accessories

IRFMRW - Fascia Mount IR Receiver for use with KIRA Wireless Modules

KG2EM - KIRA Expansion Module for Generation 2 models add RS232 Wired Ethernet

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