Keene Multi Target Receiver Easy Remote Control of up to 20 Devices KIRAMTR

  • £79.99

The Keene KiraMTR Multi Target module provides a convenient way to control multiple remotely located devices by infrared remote. The KiraMTR will receive the infrared command, convert it to IP data and send the command to one (or all) of up to 20 remotely located Kira receiver modules. The remote Kira modules will convert the IP signal back in to infrared and provide control in the same way as if you were standing next to the device with your remote. A simple web page interface allows you to choose which of the remote modules will receive the signal.

You can access the full instruction manual as a web page

Key features:

  • Real time IR transmit over IP to up to 20 remotely located KIRA modules
  • Status report for all remote Kira modules
  • Built-in dedicated high accuracy IR receiver
  • Optionally use remote mounted plug in IR receiver


This product page is for the KiraMTR only. You will need at least one KIRA Module to use as a target. Order the KIRA modules here (up to 20).

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