Keene Wide Band IR Receiver IRWBR

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Our wide band-width IR receiver with a frequency range of up to 100KHz is designed to work with the more troublesome IR devices that use systems such as IRDA. This is identical to our Standard IR receiver but not recommended unless you really DO need a wider band of pick-up as it is more susceptible to interference. If you are considering this IR receiver we recommend that you contact us first to discuss your requirements to save any confusion and disappointment.

This IR receiver has been redesigned in recent years to make it even more adaptable in your Home Cinema set-up. It is low profile at only 9mm deep and compact at only 54mm long x 37mm wide.

The IR receiver cable is 1.5 metres long and so fine for most local installations. This cable can be easily extended over Cat5e/6 using our KA175 line adaptors.

This IR Receiver is designed to work with other Keene manufactured IR distribution systems such as the IRBKITIRPRO4IRBKITMKIRAIRCM etc.

Other IR receiver options
We offer a whole range of IR receiver options to suit your Home Cinema requirements.

IRFMR - Fascia Mount IR Receiver

IRSR - Standard IR Receiver

IRSP - Standard IR Receiver Flush Wall Plate

IRPMR - Panel Mount IR Receiver (black)

IRPMRW - Panel Mount IR Receiver (white)

IRPMRB - Panel Mount IR Receiver (brass)

IRPMRC - Panel Mount IR Receiver (chrome)   

You can also view the IR Receiver and emitter connection diagrams here (Acrobat pdf file)