Keene Volume Remote Control VRC

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Ever wished your amplifier had remote control for the volume? Now you can easily add IR remote control to most amplifiers with this simple device. It has two phono sockets for line in and two for line out. Simply connect it in line, position the IR receiver wherever you find convenient and have easy volume adjustment. LEDs for power and confirmation of up and down commands.

It can be used in a number of ways:

Inline in between pre/power amp combinations

Within tape line out/line in loop (if vacant) with the amp set to tape monitor

In between say CD player line out and amp line in (to control that device volume only)

Inserted In the audio output line of say a satellite receiver to balance the volume relative to other devices connected to your AV amp or TV

What's in the box?
Volume remote control unit
Remote control
IR receiver
Mains adaptor

Have a look at the instruction sheet: