Keene KIRACC IP Contact Closure Module Plus KPS1 Powerswitch deal KIRACCDEAL

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This is a money saving bundle containing a Keene KIRACC Contact Closure module plus a Keene KPS1 PowerSwitch.

This kit gives you the means to switch any AC power device on or off by IP or by RS232. It can be integrated with Demopad, Fibarao and many other IP control systems or just use a browser to access the built in web page. It supports macro commands so you could instruct the module to power up a device then emit a series of IR commands to set a specific scene.

The KIRACC features two controllable relays, wither of which can easily be used with the Powerswitch and give you a number of ways to switch AC power either by internet (IP) control, RS232 or InfraRed. The other independent relay can then be used to control other devices or even a second PowerSwitch should you desire.

The KIRACC can also emit infrared commands stored in internal memory or as received from other IP infrared sources such as other KIRA modules. It can also act as an IP to RS232 bridge providing a very versatile control solution.

The open API structure means it can integrate seamlessly with a number of other IP control systems and apps for tables and smart phones.

The PowerSwitch will instantly switch AC power whenever it detects that the contact closure input is triggered. It can be used worldwide (90~250v AC @ 50Hz or 60Hz).

Please see the product page for the KIRACC and the KPS1 for the in-depth technical details for each device.

You can download the short form instruction manuals below

Keene KPS1 powerswitch

Keene KIRACC module