Keene IR Over Aerial Cable System RF2IR

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Keene RF2IR aerial cable system

The Keene RF2IR product allows IR control signals to be distributed via conventional aerial coax cable. The IR receiver is the same as that used by the common “sky-eye” type systems although it is not limited to satellite receivers and may be used with almost all IR controllable AV equipment. It allows easy IR control from any remote TV that is connected by aerial cable to the source equipment.

To use simply connect the “eye” receiver in-line with the TV aerial on the remote TV and the RF2IR in-line with the aerial at the source. IR signals picked up by the eye receiver will be relayed along the aerial cable, decoded by the RF2IR and output to an emitter wand to control the source equipment. The output from the RF2IR can also be fed into an IR distribution amplifier such as the IRBKIT or IR Commander to control multiple items inside a cabinet. In this instance the RF2IR can share the same power source, eliminating the need for multiple adaptors. The DC sockets are wired in parallel so either can be used.

Important! The system makes use of a DC voltage on the aerial cable. This voltage will normally be blocked by a conventional RF distribution amplifier so please ensure that there is a clear signal path between the RF2IR and the remote Skylink receiver. 

Have a look at the instruction sheet:

This option is a complete system to control one device. Please see RF2KIT if you need to control more than one device.

Kit Contents

1 x RF2IR unit
1 x SKYLINK remote eye
1 x PSU with 3 pin UK plug
1 x IRBW1 close range IR emitter wand

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