Keene IR Commander Matrix IRCM

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The big brother to the Keene IRBKIT, the IR Commander Matrix can receive IR commands from multiple external IR receivers or via an IP network, and route the signals to one or many IR emitters via its multiple, routed IR outputs.

So what does it offer?
• Full Matrix Signal Routing - Each IR input can be routed to any combination of IR outputs. This means for example an equipment cabinet could house, say, three identical Sky receivers, and each one can be controlled independently from different rooms.

• Six IR output channels - each IR output channel can drive IR emitter wands or slave IR distribution amplifiers.

• Six local IR input channels - Four IR receivers, one onboard IR receiver and one wand input for taking the output directly from another IR distribution system or video sender.

• IP addressable - Will accept IR over IP inputs from Keene IR anywhere modules or from PC’s or handheld devices, up to 253 different IP addresses.

• Internal IR command store - Can store up to 128 IR codes in local memory, these can then be triggered by IP command from local network or internet.

• Network inputs can be routed based on IP address - Maximum flexibility for LAN devices.

• Any number of IR Anywhere modules can be used as a routable IP network based IR input.

• Built in wideband IR receiver - May be disabled if required.

• Local inputs are “one way IRDA” compatible - Will route signals to control all popular set top boxes.

• Will act as Dynamic DNS update client - Built in support for non-static WAN IP addresses.

• LEDs indicate which input is active - When IR activity is detected on one input all other inputs are momentarily blanked to ensure the signal remains pure and is cleanly transmitted. (the LEDs may be disabled if required)

• Expansion module sockets for inputs and outputs available - Allows an additional 4 inputs or outputs to be connected via CAT cable at a distance of up to 50m.

What's in the box
1 x IR commander matrix
1 x PSU with UK three pin plug
1 x IRBW2 close range dual IR emitter wand
1 x Instruction manual

Technical specifications
Inputs: 6 (4 x IR receiver inputs, 1 x emitter wand input, 1 x on-board IR receiver)
Outputs: 6
Power requirements: 7.5v, 650mAh
Weight: 730g
Dimensions of IR Commander Matrix: L 212mm x W 109mm x D 33mm

Other apps and 3rd party software
The Keene KIRA systems can be used with a wide range of other applications including Demopad,

The following zip file contains:
Latest firmware (v.1.84 July 2014)
Latest Java Utility program (release July 2014)
API details, example Shadowfiles, Sky, Sky+ and SkyHD IR codes.

Have a look at the short form instruction manual

Optional accessories

IRFMR - Fascia Mount IR Receiver

IRSR - Standard IR Receiver

IRPMR - Panel Mount IR Receiver (black)

IRPMRW - Panel Mount IR Receiver (white)

IRPMRB - Panel Mount IR Receiver (brass)

IRPMRC - Panel Mount IR Receiver (chrome)   

IRBW1 - IR Single Output Standard Emitter Wand

IRBW2 - IR Dual Output Standard Emitter Wand

KA175 - 3.5mm Stereo Jack Plug / Socket To CAT5 Adaptors

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