Keene KLABKIT 20w Wall Mount Audio Amplifier including power supply

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KLAB20 Amplifier with White Front (with UK power supply)

A 20W (RMS per channel) amplifier that fits flush to the wall!
The Keene K-LAB-20 is a unique product ideal for use in multi-room audio installations. It is a high quality stereo audio amplifier that's built into a standard sized UK double pattress. It provides 20W (RMS per channel) of amplification eliminating the need to make space for a conventional amplifier. It draws its own power from an externally located mains adaptor and control is by infra red remote.

Key Features
Flush mount - fits into a wall
IR control - Full remote control (carrier frequency 56 KHz)
20W RMS per channel
Fully complimentary output stages with built in short circuit, open circuit, thermal and under voltage protection.
Built in cross pole crowbar protection diode
Microcontroller controlled amplifier.
Volume Up, Volume Down plus 10 preset volumes, standby (sleep) and mute functions.
Bedroom friendly LEDs follow ambient light and get darker as the room gets darker.
Led indication of Power On/Off and volume Up/Down.
Installer friendly screw terminals for speaker & line input

Have a look at the instruction sheet:

Fixed volume Installations
If required the KLAB can be configured to operate with a fixed volume output which is useful for commercial applications where a preset volume is required. If it's to be used in an environment where the volume will not need to be changed and the unit will always be on, it can also be configured to make the remote control inoperative.

Power output: 20W RMS per channel into 4ohms
Distortion: typically less than 0.2% up to rated power
Bandwidth: 20Hz to 20KHz Passive limitation built in
Supply: 10V to 15V (absolute max 18V DC) minimum current 3.0A. Connection via a 2.1mm DC connector centre positive, auto mute on under voltage.
Fuse: self resetting 3A built in - to clear remove power for at least 20 seconds, clear fault and reconnect
Amplifier topology: full bridge mode all speaker connections are live ( no common ground connection)
Recommended minimum speaker impedance: 4 ohms per channel
Absolute minimum speaker impedance: 2 ohms per channel
SNR: 60dB
Voltage gain: 27dB
Input required to produce full output: approx 775Mv

Whats in the box?
KLAB20 Amplifier
KLABPSU Power supply
KRC1 Remote Control
2 RCA Phono sockets to open end line input cable
Fixing screws
Instruction sheet