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The Keene SVGADA is a 1:4 distribution amplifier for VGA signals. The input is correctly buffered and then distributed simultaneously to four outputs using 15 pin HD connectors. Output no.1 is designated as "master" as this output also provides data communication such that the source may know the type of monitor is being used. The data connections are isolated on outputs 2, 3 and 4. Unused outputs do not require termination. The SVGADA is constructed using high quality high bandwidth components and should be transparent in operation.It is ideal for display purposes and for driving 4-up Plasma video walls.

The SVGADA connectors are all female and it is supplied complete with a 1.8m male to male cable (pc output to SVGADA input). All that is required is to connect the monitor(s) to the SVGADA output.


DIMENSIONS: 90mm x 75mm x 43mm
POWER SOURCE: 12v DC, 200mA.
WEIGHT: 200g (exc cables & power supply)

Have a look at the instruction manual
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Do you need this with a two pin Euro power supply for use outside the UK? If so you will need the SVGADAE***

Do you need a spare mains adaptor? Try here