Keene IR Anywhere KIRA-CC IP Controllable Contact Closure Relay Module With IR & RS232

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The Keene KIRACC Contact Closure module provides a number of ways to control devices via local network and the internet. Commands can be issued simply by accessing the built in web pages via any device with a browser. The open API structure means it can integrate seamlessly with a number of other IP control systems and apps for tables and smart phones.

Key features:

Infra Red
Infra Red over IP either real time IR receive/transmit over IP used in conjunction with another KIRA module, or use IP control to blast any of the 150 IR codes stored within the on-board memory
Two IR emitter outputs, individually routable
20 macro commands, each up to 30 steps
Built-in dedicated high accuracy IR code learning receiver.

Contact Closure
Two isolated relay contacts, each rated at 48V 6A.
The relays can be set to open, close or pulse with configurable timings.
Both relays feature pluggable Phoenix connectors for easy installation.

Contains a TCP/IP to RS232 server that can be used as an RS232 / TCPIP bridge.
RS232 strings can be stored into on-board memory and triggered by IP from an app or as part of a macro.

Built in Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability

Can act as a TCP/IP target for IR Anywhere modules
Built-in support for a dynamic DNS client to cater for non-static IP addresses

Strong ABS case with flanges for quick and reliable installation.

Two isolated relay contacts 48V 6A max each
Pluggable Phoenix connectors for easy installation
Can be set to open closed or can be pulsed
Pulse time can be set in 1/4 second intervals up to 1 minute. Pulse will invert current state for the time required.
Can be set to start up open or closed with a delay.

Infra Red
2 individually routable IR outputs.
Each output can drive twin emitters.
Can be used as an source for the Keene IR distribution amplifiers with correct lead.

Support for baud rates up to 115200.
Can be used as an RS232 / TCPIP bridge.
RS232 strings can be stored into eeprom memory and used from an app and as part of a macro

150+ memory locations
Can store IR codes up to 128 bit to include Air Conditioning control
Can store RS232 strings up to 256 chrs
Can store relay set commands or relay pulse commands
Can store macros

Enhanced macro support
Macros can reference anything that can be stored into a memory location whether RS232 string, relay state change or IR codes.
Step pause can be set for each step.
Up to 20 macros
Up to 30 steps per macro

Flash based web pages
Access to module set-up
Web button access to the stored memory locations and macros

UDP based API available
Can be accessed from most networkable devices.
Allows easy use for mobile Apps and fixed applications
Built in support for 'pronto' style IR codes
IR codes macros, relay set, clear, pulse can all be sent via the API as well as stored in memory

**Use Amazon Alexa Echo & Echo Dot for Voice Control**
This is very easy to configure, please have a look at the details here (Acrobat pdf file)
You can also use Alexa with the HA Bridge software, please see our guide here (Acrobat pdf file)

What's in the box?
1 x KIRACC Module
1 x KT9USB power cable
1 x RS232 Cable
1 x IRBW1 Close range IR emitter wand

You can access the full instruction manual as a web page:

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Have a look at the sales brochure (Acrobat pdf file)

The following zip file contains the Java Utility program, latest firmware, API details, example Shadowfiles

Other apps and 3rd party software
The Keene KIRA systems can be used with a wide range of other applications including Demopad, please follow the link to see the current list.

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