Kira-W Infrared Over IP Wireless Extender Kit

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We are convinced that this is the best wireless remote extender system you can buy! Simply plug them in, they'll find each other and be ready to use. If you need a really extended range just connect them to your wireless network.

Operate all of your AV equipment through walls and inside cabinets. The KIRA-W modules will wirelessly extend your infrared signal and let you use your remote wherever you want.

  • Control your equipment when its hidden away inside a cabinet.
  • Control your equipment from other rooms in the house
  • USB powered
  • Ultra-fast setup procedure
  • Built-in twin high output IR Blaster diodes
  • Built-in dedicated high accuracy IR receiver
  • Optionally use remote mounted plug in IR receiver or transmitter
  • Optionally connect to your own wireless network for range extension
  • Optionally add extra receivers
  • Optionally use across WAN

This is the complete kit with 1 x transmitter and 1 x receiver module ready to use.

Have a look at the instruction sheet:


You can access the full instruction manual as a web page

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 What's in the box?

1 x KIRA-WT wireless transmitter module

1 x KIRA-WR wireless receiver module

2 x KT9USB power cables

Optional accessories

IRFMRW - Fascia Mount IR Receiver for use with KIRA Wireless Modules

IRBW1 - Close range IR emitter wands