K2Audio Speaker Binding Posts Kit SBP34

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2 Gold Plated 4mm Speaker Binding Post Terminal Socket Connectors with Insulation Kit

Connect speaker cables with 4mm banana plugs, spade terminals or bare wire
Accepts up to 5mm cable in cross mounting hole
Red and black polarity bands
Solder tag for internal cable connection
2 high quality gold plated speaker sockets (1 red + 1 black)

Suitable for connecting speaker cables with bare wire, 4mm banana plugs (from side or top) or spade terminal. Use for custom loudspeaker builds or fit to plastic or metal wall outlet plates for hi-fi and home cinema rooms. They are supplied with an isooation plate and mounting kit so can be safely fitted to metal plates.

Maximum panel thickness with insulator kit 5mm, maximum panel thickness without insulator kit 7mm, hole required with insulator fitted 7.5mm, hole required without insulator fitted 5mm, diameter 12.5mm.